Age Spots/ Tattoo/ Skin Tags Remover Mole Removal Pen

This device has been dermatologically tested to be safe to use. Needles directly work on the spot skin and it will produce plasma with high temperature immediately. The device...

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Going to the dermatologist to pay alot per session just to remove;

  • Scar
  • Moles
  • Nevus
  • Tattoo
  • Skin Tags
  • Skin Spots
  • Freckles
  • Warts

Is no longer necessary, this device is what dermatologists use. Now its easy to remove skin tags, moles, warts from the comfort of your home with the new modified and upgraded best spot removal pen everyone around the word is talking about.

This device has been dermatologically tested to be safe to use. Needles directly work on the spot skin and it will produce plasma with high temperature immediately. The device is designed to be light and easy to use at the comfort of your home. 

The microvascular will be solidified quickly without bleeding. Then it will form carbon scabs, protecting the skin from infection. After a short while, the scab will shed leaving the treated area spotless and smooth. 


  • Safe, portable, convenient and easy to use.
  • 6 levels of intensity 
    - Three adjustable power levels
    - Lower level is used on spots and freckles
    - Strong level is used on moles and skin tags
  • Unique electric ion technology, the process will not make people feel the existence of electric current, no bleeding.
    - Removal spots without hurting the normal skin
    - Remove spots without bleeding


  • It is suggested to test with banana / apple peels when using this equipment for the first time, then to do the treatment after you are fully familiar with this device's performance and operation.


  • Because this equipment can produce high temperature effect in an instant,when not in use, please keep it well, avoid children and people who do not know how to operate this device using and playing with it, to avoid danger happening.


  • Please do not over clean the treatment area within 30 days after using this device(simple cleaning is OK), please do not scrub, please do not make the hard skin fall off artificially.


  • When the scab area is itchy(new skin growing period), please do not scratch it. The scab will fall off automatically after 20 to 30 days.


  • Recovery period is about 3 months, it is suggested that do not eat ginger(affect the smoothness of the skin), beef (can produce light red skin) and soy(can product light black skin) during recovery period.


  • When not in use for a long time, it is better to charge it every 3 to 4 months to keep the battery using life.


  • When the equipment has problem, please do not take it apart and try to repair it yourself to avoid danger.


  • It is forbidden to clean this equipment with water or other liquid directly to avoid damage and danger.


  • Always sterilize the needles with ethanol before and after use and do not share needles.


Customer Reviews

Joy Evans on Jan 13, 2019

 A marvel, has a precision best than any product for remove warts that can acquire in stores pharmacy

Delilah on Oct 21, 2018

 I am chuffed to pieces with this item...I have many skin tags and liver spots....I am not a good healer so have to do a few at a time....but works exactly as they say it do look like you have a case of chicken pox whilst waiting for scabs to fall off....but if unlike me you heal quick your result will be quick......answer to my prayers to be honest.....

Paul S. on Dec 05, 2018

 It's same as the picture. I've removed my mole and its hurt. Take a deep breath and gently press and then use a cloth or a tissue and rub the dead burnt skin out. Be careful,, don't press on your skin for too long. I did just only 1 for now and. its completely gone. Will do the other moles later when I'm ready. Hahaha

Nana A. on Jan 05, 2019

 Get your moles checked regularly by a dermatologist to make sure they are not pre-cancer, then you can treat them with this or other means. Very gently apply aloe gel afterwards.

Fatima M. on Nov 24, 2018

After some trial and error I figured out how to use this powerful little beauty gadget. The product instructions are in chinglish. The USB connection is for charging the machine. The machine does not work properly until it is fully charged. It is electro acupuncture. You use the thicker needle (like a silver spear) that comes with it or the fine needles for more delicate work. The first time I used it, it was without either needle and it just flashed continuously. It was not charged enough. I plug it into my computer using the USB end to charge it. It does not work while it is charging. Then when finished charging, you turn it on and you can choose the proper setting. Be careful. It is Hot. You can smell burning flesh when you touch the skin. It burns. Use it like a precision instrument and avoid the areas surrounding spots and moles. I aim for the top of the mole then around the sides and sometimes underneath if possible.


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